Monday, 29 July 2013

And the pedulum swings again!

The least I can say about my life lately is that it's never stagnant! It's seems that every time I turn around something else is coming my way. Unfortunately it has felt like more bad than good being flung in my direction. If I go by that saying "God only sends you the trials he thinks you can handle", damn I practically invincible! Well, I'm still standing and saying bring it on.
Four years ago when I made the decision to leave the city and head back north I thought it was where I should be. If I'd been paying attention I would have seen that the powers that be were tossing roadblocks in my way on a regular basis to slow me down to rethink the move. To start the real estate market ground to a complete halt pretty much on the same day I put the for sale sign on the yard. It took me 6 months to sell the house and we ended up buying a house ( a house I love by the way) in between but not belonging to any town. I had a line on two different jobs up here that I accepted at a wage level waaay below my usual, both of which had disappeared before the end of year one. Then followed 11 months trying to find work ending with a job far south and again below my usual pay rate. The stress of this commute led to the health issues I had this spring. Now, I consider myself a pretty savvy person but apparently I'm also stubborn as a mule. The signs were slapping me in the face and I refused to see them.
So, after much discussion with the boys and wholehearted agreement from the girls I made the decision that the GTA is where I belong. To that end I cast my employment search south and within two weeks I had been interviewed and offered a position as part of a team opening another new store at the highest pay rate I've ever been offered! I accepted. Now, a bit of a dilemma figuring out housing. I'm trying to be slow and thoughtful about this, not my strong suit as those of you who know me will agree. I want to make sure everything is working before I pick up the gang and move them again. Enter another open window in the guise of Jess and Alex. For the time being I will be renting space from them giving me a chance to settle, find a house and get everything coordinated and it's only 20 minutes door to door to work.
Sounds like this is all about me and in a way it is. I'm not in any hurry to get the boys out of the house but let's face it, if an opportunity comes up they could be off to the far reaches of the earth! I've certainly missed the girls in the past three years, the trip north being less feasible than we thought ( especially with the demise of the Northlander, grrr ) so being back in the GTA will bring us all together again. Yes, I'm an old softy who wants to be near her kids, what can I say.
So, roadblocks and open roads , the pendulum swings again. I'm loathe to let go of our patch of land in the woods. As I left the city to spend a few days home a rainbow arced over the city. I haven't seen a rainbow in a long time. I took it as a sign that the correct decision has been made. I stepped out of the car at home to look up at a sky resplendent with stars and the scent of evergreens in the air. This is the battle I'm now waging. How do I hang on to Muskoka while living the city life? This something I'm going to take the next 6 months figuring out. In the meantime, I think we may rent out the house up here, if feasible, and thoughtfully find our new stomping grounds. I'm still mulling this over.
Opportunity awaits the three of us back in the GTA. Jeff will have an opportunity to find a permanent job and make his further education decisions. Greg can have a choice of schools with the hopes of finding his niche and the cats will have new nooks and crannies to explore. For now I'm at peace and I'm planning on hanging on to it.
Oh, and come see me! The store I'm opening is at a new outlet mall opening this week in Halton Hills ( fancy new name for the Georgetown / Acton area), 401 and Trafalgar Rd. The company name is Victorinox. Not familiar? Google it. This is the second store in Canada and the first outlet store. I've joined the company to have the opportunity to help grow the brand in North America. Scary and exciting at the same time, mother's milk for me. I'm livin' life on the edge, lol! Then I go home to my cats and kids, bring it on God, bring it on.

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