Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Just sitting and Thinking

So, as of tomorrow I'll have been with Victorinox one month and what a whirlwind it has been! Let's start with returning to the GTA, not what I thought I wanted but it's fitting like my favourite old shoes. I've ensconced myself at Jessica's where I sleep on a cot in the tiny back bedroom and live out of a suitcase. Sounds kinda grim but in reality it's turning out to be comfortable and I have been made welcome by most members of the household. My almost son-in-law and I have had a chance to get to know each other better. Maybe Mom has rubbed off on me after all because I'm not being made to feel like I should move on real quick. Jonathan, the giant master of the house, stares at me reproachfully every chance he gets. He reminds me that I will never be forgiven for making him live with his arch enemy for two years.
As for the new job, it's been one thing after another. Apparently Milton is at the end of the earth. At least it is for people who live in Toronto. The original manager of the store, whom I was determined to get along with despite his ineffectiveness, decided after driving out there for one week that it was too far and cost too much money. Now those of you who recall my previous job where I drove 250km  daily can imagine how I had to hide my incredulity at the thought of a 35km drive as too far. So, flash forward to my getting what I wanted all along which was to be GM of the store. I guess the one thing he did right was move over to make room for me. Now, we had hired an assistant sales manager , this company has many levels of management, who had started training. She came to me last week to talk and assured me that she was going to make it to work even though her car had broken down and she would have to figure out transit from Toronto. I get a call the next day to say that she had quit. Not a big deal because as one of my staff put it, she was just a name on the schedule. Twelve hour days are becoming the norm and I'm the best roommate 'cause I'm never there! Add all of this to the fact that the mall is jammed packed most of each day with over a thousand people walking through the doors daily.
Is it only a month ago I was bored stiff from not working? Next time I send a message out to the universe remind me to think it through thoroughly first. And yes, you're right, I'm enjoying every minute of it. Opening a new store is basically a  wonderfully horrible thing. Whatever can go wrong usually does but I thrive on the challenge of making it work, proving to my bosses that I can do what's needed and then my most favourite part, building a great team. We're getting there. The store is two and half weeks old and I am, of course, worrying about not being perfect at everything already. Where would I be without something to worry about?
Added bonus in this is that I'm removed from the everydayness of life. I'm finding it quite easy to only concentrate on what I need. Is this a sign that an empty nest might not be the end of the world? I've left the boys to fend for themselves up north. I talked to them today, still alive and bickering. I'm missing home though, the boys, my babies ( that's the crazy cat lady talking) and my space. I haven't been baking because I don't have my things about me. Good for my figure but my soul is starving a little. Short-term pain for long-term gain.
Moving on to other thoughts. Jessica and Alex are getting married. It feels like they already are but I get the wish to make it permanent. They're planning a civil service with a small dinner party to follow. I find it strange that my flamboyant daughter is uncomfortable with the idea of being in front of a crowd of well-wishers. I always figured her for the child that would want as much pomp and ceremony as possible. A day all about her, oh and Alex too! Shows I don't know everything. They're both involved in making it represent the two of them. I think their friends will have a good time.
So, I'm exhausted but happy. The gods seem to be telling me that this is a good choice right now. I just need to relax and settle into the job then I can gather the rest of my life back around me.

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