Monday, 23 June 2014

And now the next chapter

I'm sitting here in the living room in the new house in Cambridge. We've been here a little over a month and, while we are still unpacking, it feels like home. Jeff's melodious tunes are wafting out of his basement studio and Greg is laughing about some video on the internet. My little sanctuary of a craft room has yet to be uncovered. It was the dumping ground on moving day of anything we didn't recognize or thought belonged to me. I still haven't unearthed my stereo. Torture for someone who lives with CBC playing most of the time! I've been shifting things from here to there as the house speaks to me and I'm dying to get rid of the most boring beige walls but for the most part we're settled in.
Cambridge is an odd mix of all the ' stuff marts' you need and small town. Kind of exactly what I was looking for! Very few high-rises keep the big city feel at bay. I love the old architecture in Galt and we have, unfortunately, discovered the Southworks Antique Market. Luckily the lights prevent me from spending too much time there. ( lights, siezures... you remember). Drive to and from work a mere 30 minutes and I sleep in my own bed every night!! As I've said before it's the small things that make me happy. Jeff  hates his commute wanting to only drive 10 minutes to work. Bit of a dreamer but if he can find a job closer to home good on him.
One of the treats we're discovering is the multi-level decking in the backyard. My first impression was that we had a tiny yard but now that we're hanging out in it the reality is that we have neat little pockets built into the yard. The first level is right outside my bedroom, room for 3 Muskoka chairs and private. The next level is big enough for the BBQ and some chairs and also runs down the side of the house with gates to the front. The bottom level is at ground level, has a patio big enough for the 10x10 gazebo and a, at one time, landscaped garden and fountain. Theo spent a few hours in the heat last week tearing out things and uncovered and a flagstone path. The yard is currently overgrown but we're concentrating on the inside and my plans are to tackle the yard this fall. But Theo has been given carte-blanche to come over and garden. I've always said I dream of an English garden but I've pretty much got brown thumbs and the patience of a flea. Once it's tamed though I think we may have a little piece of paradise!
Met the neighbours on both sides and they seem nice. Two young families in the other side of our semi and a family about the same age as ours on the other.
This house has a mind of it's own. I say this because both Jeff and I have had some odd experiences that make us think there's a spirit afoot. Benign and slightly mischievous, I've been chatting with it explaining that we're here to stay and that anything we do to the house is to make it loved and happy. Since then the dripping pipe has stopped dripping and things have stopped jumping off cabinets. The cats are unaffected by the goings on so clearly there is no threat posed.
Speaking of the furry gang, they have settled in no problem. The madness continues with spats breaking out in the hall when one cat passes another but the long hall with the detour through mom's bedroom makes for some great running. The littles, Geordie and Pip, have gotten into the habit of tearing around doing laps first thing in the morning. Great as long as I'm awake, which I usually am after the first lap. Angie likes the older low-sided tub because she can jump in and demand fresh water every time someone walks by the bathroom. She was apparently deprived of this up north because we had a deep tub, who knew. Hailey has claimed her spot on the peninsula, just like up north. Jasmine owns the family room downstairs and Jasper likes to sleep in my room. Bert, the king of everything , goes where the action is and picks fights on his way. So, you could say it's business a usual.
So, the invitation stands, as long as you find us home. Look up 943 Langs Circle, Cambridge and come visit the mob is looking forward to seeing you!

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