Wednesday, 23 April 2014

On moving

As usual I've been slow at getting my blog up to date and it's mainly because we are in the middle of a time of change for my gang. The house in Muskoka sold in record time and we found a house in Cambridge at the same whirlwind speed. All that's left to do is finish packing, load the trucks, load the cats ( that'll be like trying to herd cats,lol) load the cars and then move the puzzle pieces to get four vehicles 300kms south with basically two drivers. If it were easy it wouldn't be me!
We're all excited for the move but don't worry, we're leaving Muskoka with a slight sense of melancholy. The reality is that it was not the right place at the right time. The way the pieces are falling into place for Cambridge makes me think that this will be.
The house we've purchased is in a bit of a time warp but there's lots of living space and light (always has to be lots of light) and I'm already making my timeline for the changes that need to happen. Jeff has commandeered one of the basement bedrooms as his music studio. Right under mine so we'll see how that goes. I'd better see some profit coming outta that space! Plenty of up spots and hidey holes for the cats. They'll all live together peacefully I'm sure.One more week and we're there. Wish us luck!

 While I know Alex and Jess are looking forward to having their apartment all to themselves soon I'd like to think we'll miss each other. I vacuumed the apartment for the last time this morning to give Jess a break. If I do it again they'll have to pay me for my skills. Just think Alex you can run around naked at will by Saturday!

The kids have told me that this will be my last move and I nod and smile all the while promising nothing. Although I haven't wandered far I am a wanderer. The thought of becoming stagnant makes me shiver. I wonder sometimes if this wasn't one of the factors of my unhappiness in my marriage (don't get me wrong there were a lot of other factors). Spending 20 years at the same thing is a concept that is foreign to me. As usual, thank goodness for my kids who kept things interesting. I'll settle into the new house with the intention of staying. There's room enough to nest and room enough for the troops to gather. Close enough to everyone that they can pop over for a visit and not have to plan a whole weekend. The welcome mat is out for anyone who wants to come see us. No, don't wait for an invitation you know I won't make it. Just show up and let me cook for you.

Thanks to everyone in Muskoka who welcomed me back and the boys into their lives. I'm always surprised that people even remember me let alone look forward to seeing me. Joan, I'll miss your hugs but I'll pop in when I'm up to see Brenda. Tim, be good and take care of yourself. I'll know everything through Brenda. And to Beth, Mary Jane and Bev, we'll make plans to gossip ( I mean catch up) thanks for bringing me back into the fold. And to my rock, Brenda, we have plans to make and I've yet to christen my bedroom. Ok, that's enough I'm tearing up.

Looking forward only as always, and off we go!

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