Sunday, 9 February 2014

Time passes so quickly, and then sometimes it doesn't

Six months at my new job has flown by but then at the same time taken forever. I feel as though I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop and that shoe is picking up and moving again. Just to reassure everyone the job is going well. I'm having to get used to a district manger who appreciates me and tells me so. I'm not used to much feedback at all and positive has been rare so I wasn't sure how to react when Blair praised me. So, now I have to learn to accept praise along with it being ok to ask for help. Geez, it's almost like it's alright for me to be human and take off my Wonder Woman t-shirt every now and then, figuratively speaking of course. I'd never really take that sucker off.
I'm still camped out at Jess and Alex's and I'm constantly amazed that, one, Jess and I haven't killed each other ( I guess both of us have grown up a little) and two, they haven't kicked me out just to have the place to themselves. I try to be invisible but don't always succeed.
Then comes the move. I think I've got the town picked out but I need to get the house sold. Four plus feet of snow and snow banks taller than the boys makes the homestead only desirable to the hearty souls who know Muskoka. So, now I dream of Spring. Not that crazy melt we had last spring, god forbid, but just a casual disappearance of the snow and a gentle greening that brings the yard back to life. Basically a spring that has never existed in this part of Canada, lol. Then the sign goes up. I'm still reluctant to let go of my little cabin in the woods but the OLG has yet to send me my millions in winnings so two homes are out of the question. I've been shopping the MLS listing with the same addiction I reserve for Pinterest and have some areas that look good. We're heading Cambridge/ Kitchener way. With the mall being near Milton that area is just a short drive away. Easy for me but I'm uprooting the boys again. Greg has attended two high schools and I worry ( what a surprise! ) that this move will throw off things one more time.
I no longer feel like I failed Muskoka 101 because I think I've found my niche with Victorinox. The Canadian division is in it's infancy and I'm already being able to make a contribution to it's growth and fruition.
For now I continue to trek north when I can, sleep in my own bed as often as possible and count my blessings. 2014 is slated to be a year of abundance and our clan could use some. Jess has started a job that she could do a lot with. She's now entering into retail management with Aren't We Naughty. Yes, another of us selling their soul to the retail gods. Alex is happy and prospering at his job. Jenn and Theo both have things in the works that I'll share once they have a more certain outcome. Now to get resettled back south. Jeff can find a job and make any further schooling plans with a wide selection of schools available. Greg will carry on as he always has but maybe he'll carry on even better than he always does. Perhaps his niche is in Kitchener. Hope springs eternal.
Be gone winter surely you've blown yourself out by now! Time for at least the January thaw even if it is February. Happy Valentine's Day to those who observe it. Hug the one's you love.

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