Wednesday, 25 December 2013

It's Christmas time again!

Good morning everyone! The house is quiet here in the woods as the wolf pack won't be gathering today. It's an odd feeling without the noise and laughter but I'm going to make the best of it anyway starting with some peaceful alone time. This is a commodity I've had very little of the past five months due to my vagabond existence. I've got just the tree lights on and am brewing some café au lait. It's going to be a gorgeous day out here the sky is just starting to turn pink with the sunrise.

Christmas has a bit of a melancholy feel to it as well as it was four years ago mom died. I'm not going to use the euphemism passed away because she is still a very real part of our lives. She hasn't passed us by at all. Natali posted that she had lost some presents and I had to laugh, it brought back memories of mom standing there Christmas morning realising something hadn't made it under the tree. My most vivid memory of that was the first farm set we ever had, which I loved because of the tiny detail. We were watching Gulliver's Travels on TV in February when that gift reappeared! You'd think she had planned it that way.
Then there were the half finished sewing projects, the curse of a working mom with little left over time. I know the feeling, ambition always outweighs time. I've still got flannelette in the sewing room that was supposed to become pj's two Christmases ago. Probably next year, stay tuned.

I've heard from Dayle this morning, crazy woman is already out for a walk. They were all up at 5am as per usual. Now after getting everyone up the boys have gone back to bed. I've also heard from Jess. She's spending her first Christmas at her in-laws. She says it feels strange not being home but her family will now create their own traditions. I get them next year though, no arguing. Jenn and Theo will wake at a more leisurely time so I'll hear from them later.

Oh, look at that the sun is just cresting the trees and casting the most beautiful light on the woods. You may have noticed I've been dragging my heels getting out of Muskoka. Truth is I don't want to leave at all. I'm still looking for an opportunity to work close enough to stay. I can't seem to find where I want to be back south. The job is going well except for the crappy selling season we had these past few weeks. But this damn swamp keeps calling me home.

So, enjoy your time with family. Yes, I know, they drive you crazy but better that than having no one near by. I'll be lamenting the noise on January 10th when the wolf pack descends on us for our belated Christmas. What I need to remind myself of is that we have gathered in additional new family who look forward to our crazy dinners because we are loud and loving and fun. I can always run to the woods if it gets to be too much. Now, to start figuring out where I'm going to sleep those six extra people. Happy Holidays from all of us!

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