Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Feeding My Soul

I had the house to myself today for the first time in months and what did I do with myself? I spent it lazing around. Laundry, that ever present spectre, was attended to and I did my favourite activity, bake. Just a batch of cookies but the satisfaction concocting in the kitchen always brings was just as evident.
With that in mind I just want to let everyone know that Muskoka Brownie and Baking is still in business. I'm working closer to home so I actually have time for myself so please let me know if you need any baking.
I know most people don't share my passion for cooking and baking but I've been thinking on the zen of baking. I think it comes from the same place as all of my creative endeavours, the desire to create something. There is nothing more relaxing than knitting a sweater, baking a cake or sewing an outfit ( provided the damn thing fits once you're done, still not used to my current body shape). People look at me as though I was from another planet when they learn that, yes, I still do all of these crafts. I call myself the Canadian Martha Stewart, just without her money. Handcrafts are a " good thing".
At various times in my life I haven't been able to fit crafts into my days and I always find that my soul shrivels a bit during these times. Without an outlet for some of my ADD brain I find myself becoming antsy and unhappy. One top or a piece of jewellery can instantly cure these ills and I have something new to wear!
My sisters share this passion, although we each express it differently. Joy knits socks, we all love her socks. Dayle creates jewellery, I'm always up for a gift piece. Now my daughters are getting into it as well. Jess sews and bakes. Jenn draws and is teaching herself to cook. Another generation takes up the torch. In my family we women have been crafting since at least my great-grandma. Before that there is no known history but mom would tell us stories of her mom and grandma. Grandma Kilpatrick was an excellent baker and loved to knit.
I think growing up in a house where crafting activities are all around definitely shapes you. Nothing was pushed on us but the opportunity to learn was always there. Provided, of course, the particpants have enough patience to survive each other. My learning how to sew in zippers and clothing learning to fly is a story that has gone to the grave with mom. As I tell it I was the perfect student, everything went beautifully from the beginning and nary a cross word was exchanged. Since mom isn't here to contradict me that is how it went, that'll teach her.
Being left-handed has given me a few difficult moments when first learning to sew and knit. I finally had to figure out knitting on my own. The strange thing is I now knit right-handed. Grandma was left-handed as well. I wish she had lived long enough for us to knit together.
So, I sit and plan my next project, large or small, and feed my soul.

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