Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year! I've no idea if anyone is reading this but I'll carry on as though someone is out there.
I'm tired of defending my positon as a cat owner. Whenever I talk about my cats, which is rarely, I feel it necessary to, half jokingly, reiterate that I'm not a "crazy cat lady". The reality is, is that I'm not. Who I am is someone who has rescued seven cats, yes I said seven, from if not death then at least a poor existence in a shelter. No cat pics posted, no cat sweaters and no cat chatkas.
Hailey joined our family after the death of my buddy Toby, best cat in the world. A haughty calico, she deigns to let us live with her. Next came Jasper and Jasmine. They joined us after we moved to Heart Lake. A small symbol of freedom. Jasper quickly became my best buddy and Jasmine, well as I always say, thank gooness she's beautiful 'cause there's not a lot going on in there.
Bert and Jon joined us while I worked at Petsmart. Jon was a miserable old sod who just didn't fit in. Jasper hated him at first sight and made his life miserable. Flash forward Jon moved out with Jessica and now is king of the hill and happy as a lark. To hear those two converse is entertaining. Bert, the only cat whose name we've changed, was listed as not playing well with others. This does tend to be true with cats but with us two-legged creatures he's the most lovable cat I've ever met. He sold me on the idea of the greatness, and madness, of black cats!
Angie arrived shortly after our move to Muskoka. She is an older black who is overweight and was abandoned by her previous family. She had been at the shelter so long we did actually fear for her life. Now she is still a little pudgy with a gleaming coat and has become my shadow. Us old girls gotta stick together!
The final two joined us last February. Geordie and Pip are black kittens who had spent their whole lives in a cage. They had been at Petvalu since Christmas and I resisted as long as possible . We hadn't had kittens before and they have added an element of excitement, shall we say, to the household.
Each of the cats has a distinct personality and are members of our family. Dog owners say this all the time with no recourse but people scoff and ridicule me if I say this. Cats love you because they want to, not because you fed them and rubbed their bellies.They have enriched mine and my family's lives for years. How can that be bad?
Yes, my house is currently full and the chances of someone wanting to get involved with quite so many animals is slim but I've taken on the responsibility of their lives and I will live up to that responsibilty. Pets aren't disposable things that you off-load simply because they become inconvenient

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  1. Whoa. Weird. For some reason, I was thinking his name was spelled "Jordi". I guess because Pip is a bit of an unconventional name?

    Anyway, maybe you'll be like me and find your Crazy Cat Man (in shining armor). Who thinks your cats are awesome and "but baby, this is a sign! A sign we're supposed to adopt this cat!" Hahaha.