Tuesday, 1 January 2013

I was listeningto CBC this morning, as usual, and heard that " Thriller " turns 30 today. First off, holy jumpin', thirty years where'd that go . Next it brought back a memory of a road trip I took with three girls to Montreal.
At that time I was managing at Legs Beautiful in Toronto at King and Bay. We were a small and close team and we got it in our heads to head to Montreal for May 24th weekend. At that time the mall closed down on the weekends because there was no one in the office towers to shop so we had three days off. This is one of the few truly spontaneous things I've done in my life and it was a blast We had no other plans than to hit the city and see what happened.
Where does Thriller fit in you say? Well, I had a Renault 5, my first car and the one I learned stick on, that I had Mark outfit with a cassette player. State of the art technology, I might add! We had four tapes for the twelve hour round-trip drive. We cranked the music, opened the windows and sang our stupid heads off. Needless to say we knew the album by heart by the time we got back. Our digs in Montreal were ashabby aprtment belonging to Dawn's sister-in-law. Who cared the weather was great and we spent most of our time outdoors.
Like most memories I can't remember specific details but I do remember riding the Metro all over the city and laughing.
So, thanks CBC for reminding of that trip and to Dawn and Lisa I hope you're healthy and happy.

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