Monday, 7 September 2015

And That was Summer!

Happy Labour Day everyone, I hope you are actually not working and celebrating the day it was meant to be celebrated. I don't know how many people march in labour union parades anymore but I think we all deserve a day that was designed to honour all workers. This still marks the end of the year for me. The school calendar still rules my mind. It's funny that autumn, the season of winding down and dying off, feels more like the beginning of the year than January. Being back in an industry that revolves around the school year intensifies this but for me I wilt all summer long and only come back to life once the weather turns and the sky turns fall blue.
It's been a busy summer. I went back to work after a long winter of idleness; spent two whirlwind weeks working at the Panam Games to come back to my store to quickly get up to speed for back to school. August has gone by in a blur and I'm looking forward to a break in September and October to settle into the job and get the store ready for Christmas. Jeff has been working his way through his course and will be heading into the co-op portion soon. It's going really well. We had a family reunion, Kilpatrick style, in June. That went well I think and it was good to see Greg looking healthier than I've seen him in a while. Jeff and Sharon look good too although they continue to deal with chronic health issues.
Moving into fall Greg, the younger, will be working in an accelerated program that will see him finally finishing high school. It's a self-directed course and he assures me that he's motivated and will succeed. Greg, the older, has entered into yet another battle with his health now undergoing cancer treatment for the leukemia that's been lurking about for years. If you can, get out and give a swab to get on the bone marrow donor list.
This summer also marks one year in Cambridge. I think we're all settled and happy. The house still has projects but it's snug and cozy. Once this crazy heat passes we're going to tackle the front yard landscaping. Not such a big job as it's the size of a postage stamp but I have grand plans that I'd like to get shaped out before the snow flies. Then on to replacing the back fence. We're going to recycle the old boards various places around the yard but the back fence is so dilapidated that I feel very white trash. Some of the boards will be cut down to make a weathered picket fence for the front yard. I'll post pics once things are co-ordinated.
And so we go gently into my favourite season of the year. I look forward to pulling out all my old issues of Victoria ( fall ) and wandering through photos lush fall colours, layering up rather than wishing there was some way to peel off my skin and heating up the oven to get some treats baking. A trip north is definitely needed to see the colours.

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