Saturday, 9 May 2015

Happy Mother's Day

I've waxed poetic about my mom a number of times but I think I'll do it one more time. It's five years since she left us and a week doesn't go by when I don't stop and think, " I wish I could tell mom about this". Life continues to be a chaotic mess and although I'm now the one who doles out 'words of wisdom', I could sure use a few reassuring words from her. My cousin Christine is worrying about her mom having to move into a seniors' home but I see Aunt Irene as being made out of the same sturdy stock as my mom. Life happens, you pick up and carry on as best you can. As Dayle reminded us one of mom's favourite sayings in the later years was " life might not be great but it's better than the alternative!".

This photo is from Christmas 2011
I look at my kids and think that mom would have really liked this bunch. They're outspoken (can't imagine which gene produced that), funny and good. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I've been blessed with these kids. As they grow into adults ( yes, I know, we've been adults for a while now, mom) we tend to talk about our years at Kesteven Crescent. Not with longing for the good old days but discussing the tough times we went through. It was not a happy home, although I tried to hide the cracks in their dad's and my relationship. It turns out the cracks were more like crevasses and the kids felt, at times, like they might fall in. I'm sorry I couldn't make it better at the time but we were and still are a tight knit little group who stand up for each other.
I am a Sagittarian and all that entails. I see the good side of everything, am honest and speak my mind and I have wanderlust. What does this mean as a mom? Well, I've been told I don't always sugar coat things. Ha, no kidding. I will never say anything in malice but I do speak the plain truth. If I think you're being a jerk you'll know it. If I'm pissed off you ( and a few of the neighbours) will know that too. But I'm fiercely loyal especially when it comes to my kids. I miss the days when I had to do battle for them. The world better not mess with my cubs. The gang has endured my need for the new through three moves in the last 10 years and a number of job changes. I've been told in no uncertain terms that I'm not allowed to move again. I'll just have to slip out in the night next time. It's apparently ok for them to move though. Jenn and Theo are moving back to Brampton this month and I worry that we won't make time for each other. This past year with all of us in the same town has been great. I don't want to lose that... do you hear me, Jenn?
For Mother's Day I`m being taken out for brunch at a lovely restaurant we all like. So, as I don`t have a mom to thank, I want to reverse the thanks. Thanks for being such great kids and making my job as your mom pretty easy. We are far from perfect but as I`ve said before we`ve collected other people who want to be part of this crazy family so we must be doing something right. Love you all lots.

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