Saturday, 9 February 2013

A few weeks ago I posted on my FB page that I had watched " Eat, Pray Love" and decided that I didn't need a man, I needed a champion. I found it strange that this post ellicted not one comment. If I post about the cats or the weather the feedback is immediate and extensive. This got me thinking about how people had reacted to my post.
My first reaction was to question my putting the post up at all. Then I wondered if people thought that it was a crazy notion wanting a champion. In this age of "equality" how could I possibly want someone who would dote on me and take care of me? Frankly, at this stage of my life only a man with champion-like attributes would be worth the effort. I'm finished taking care of everyone who crosses my path. I think I deserve a little pampering and gallantry.
My next thoughts were, maybe people think I don't deserve someone like this and it was just better to ignore the post. Such is the paranoia brought on by the constant contact FB has created. Nonetheless I still wonder why no reaction to my post.
As for "Eat, Pray Love" I knew exactly what Liz was going through. My escape has been to Muskoka. Not as exotic perhaps but just as drastic. My soul was dying in Brampton and I continue my search for happiness.I'm not sure if this is where I should be but it works for now.The nest isn't quite empty so choices for the near future must include other people.
So, while I profess to not needing a man in my life if a champion crosses my path I hope I'm smart enough to recognise him and welcome him. He has to love cats though, that point is non-negotiable.
Whither I goest, so go they!

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  1. As you know my friend there is a difference between want and need. You may not need that really great pair of shoes, yet you know how sexy they'll make your feet feel. Hang in there.... You're worth it!